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Greetings from India!

My name is Azhar (digital marketer), I'm 22 years old and I live in a small town Coimbatore in india.

1.) What is the idea ?

Idea is to sell homepage space for text ads in tag format. If you interested in placing your website link and title in MDPR (Million Dollar page returns) you can buy a tags. Also tags sold in different pixels, For example 10 Pixel tag cost $100

2.) Why tag sold in different pixel's ?

If someone interested in large ad space to attract more visitors, they can buy higher pixel tag. This will highlight their tag from other tags and get more visitors.

3.) is it worthy of buying?

Yes, ofcourse already i mention i'm an digital marketer working hard to improve my lifestyle, so my target for MDPR is 2 million visitors within 90 days. Also this site will be online for 10 years guaranteed and Your tag will get viewed by million's visitor.

4.) Why should we buy tags ?

MDPR will surely be the next Million dollar home page, With million's of visitors . You can proudly say i'm 1% of MDPR Success. Also this links will increase your visitors and sales.

5.) How You will get 2 million visitors within 90 days, what is the proof?

I have been working has traffic reseller for the last 4 years from my school days, Right now i have 200+ webmaster and ad publisher are ready to advertise for me. For proof of 2 million visitors i will post a screenshot of google analytics report Only for my buyers :)

6.) Why 20 character restriction ?

Tag should be short and sweet, According to reddit CTR short title are attracting more click then the longer one. Also this is a homepage tag so we don't want to make it messy with longer one.

7.) What will you do with the money ?

First is first, I need to clear all my bills which making me in trouble and give break to make parents and start a digital marketing company has my dream.

8.) How tags are placed ?

Tags are placed one by one in FIFO format (First in First out), After particular sale we make the tag shuffle randomly to increase clicks for your tags . We treat our buyers very carefully to increase their online success.

9.) Where you got this idea from ?

Ofcourse from Alex , Million dollar homepage. Thanks alex for a great idea .

10.) If you're from the INDIA, why are you selling the tags in dollars?

I think US dollars are the closest thing we have to a universal currency on the internet, so it made more sense to do it in dollars. 'Million Rupee page returns' just doesn't have the same ring to it! Also, given that the US has the largest online population in the world, more people will be able to relate to the concept than had I done it in Indian rupees.

11.) How long will the site be online?

The site will be online for 10 years guaranteed (at least until 8th Novemember 2028), however the aim is to keep the site online forever (or as long as humanly possible). The idea is to create something of an internet time capsule: a MDPR that is unique and permanent. Everything on the internet keeps changing so fast, it will be nice to have something that stays solid and permanent for many years. You can be a part of that!

For any furthur queries : [email protected]
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